Sooraya Qadir

Sunday, July 02, 2006

friends, family, home

Oh, Alliah it is been a long time since I have had a chance to stop and talk to you.

I do not know where to begin, Alliah.

I hope you do not mind me talking so much about Elixir the last time. He is, well I hope he is my friend. May be I hoping for something that can not be.

Oh Alliah did you see the flowers that are growing all around this school. They are beautiful. But this place it does not remind me of home, there is too much green here Alliah.

Please Alliah is this a sign from you that my family is alright?? Or am I being punished for my sins.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A new life in a new school

I walked up to this building that said that it was a school for the gifted.

Everywhere I turned there was students packing up and leaving the grounds very quickly. I tried to ask where the head master office was but no one would take the time to stop and help me.

I sat on a bench when he appeared up out of the blue, said his name was Elixir and asked what I was doing here so I told him I was looking for the head masters office. He looked at me and started asking all kinds of questions. One being my name, which I told him it was Dust. Another being something to do with powers, to which I don't remember what I told him but it must have been correct.

Oh Alliah, I pray I said it correctly!

Then he looked at me and asked if I had any place to stay while the head master was away. I downcast my eyes as I told him that no I do not have a place to stay. He looked at me sadly and then shrugged his shoulders and said follow me.

I followed not really sure what was going to happen to me but hopped that it was better then where I came from.

We walked into a side door that lead us to a kitchen. He started to show me the school kitchen and where things were kept at, when she appeared out of nowhere.

I was shocked to see her standing there in a present of a man, wearing barely anything at all and she wasn't making any attempt to cover herself.

I don't remember what was said but next thing I know some man came running into the room and yelling about some beings called Sentinels.

I must say that I was afraid Alliah. I was afraid of losing this home like I lost my last home. I was afraid that I would once again be sold into slavery Alliah.

I followed Elixir and a few other to a jet that took us all to these Sentinels beings. Once there I realized that there where not beings but robots.

While the battle was raging all around me, I realized Alliah that I too should fight and with your gift I did. I turned into a sand storm and took off the head of one of Sentinels. I looked around and noticed that the battle was won I went back into human form.

After the battle was won I allowed Elixir to touch my hand (In something called a high 5) but I was scared that if I didn't I would loss the respect that I saw in his eyes Alliah.

When we got back to the school, Elixir left me to help the others so I started walking around looking into rooms and more or less sightseeing on my own.

Alliah, I hope I don't get lost while sightseeing in this school.

Sunday, May 21, 2006